Rider Marcus Aldinucci

I was born June 7 1996 in Siena , a city in Tuscany in Italy.
From the last months of 2016, I'm working as a barman at Bar Charlie of Siena.
I graduated in the high school of Siena of graphic design in the 2016.
I inherited my passion for speed from my father.
He was a good driver in Formula 3 and kart.
At age 13, I happened to see a DH Skate race, and
from that moment I fell in love with this sport.
After about a month I bought my first longboard and
I started training on a street near my house.
In 2010 I began to make my first freeride and the most important was the Gioasteka.
I started to attend my first races in Italy in 2011
(E.g. Teolo IGSA World Cup and Verdicchio IGSA European Championship).
those have been the most significant and I also went to freeride KnK
I also got my first podium in the junior category of the Figomoro race.
In 2012 I participated in all the stages of
the Italian championship and some European IGSA stages.
This year I started a collaboration with Bruko and
at the end of the season I drew my board.
In 2013 I participated in all the stages of the Italian championship,
all stages of the IGSA european championship and IDF in Europe
(Kozakov, Peyragudes and Teolo)
In 2014 I competed in all the stages of the Italian Championship,
Lozio, Almabtrieb and Kozakov IDF Race.
In the race of Teolo I had an ankle injury.
After a week, I went to race in Peyragudes but I wasn't still able to skate.
One month after, the ankle is healed and I partecipated in the Gioasteka Freeride.
In 2015 I have attended the IDF races of Kozakov Challenge, Salzadella in Spain,
Verdicchio and all the races of the italian championship.
I have achieved a 10th place in the word qualifing series of Salzadella,
26th place in the world qualifing series of Verdicchio,
3rd place in the final ranking of the Fics Italian championship and a
15th place in the final european ranking of the IDF.
In the 2016 I have attended all the IDF race in Europe
and all the italian championship race.
I have got a great 22th place in Lillyhammer IDF WC, 4th place in Teolo IDF WQS,
2nd place in the italian championship FIHP and 1st place in the national
championship CSI and the 7th place in the european championship IDF.

Curiosity and hobbies : My favourite food is Italian pizza and
my favourite bands are AC / DC, Nirvana and Guns N 'Roses.
My hobbies are running, swimming, going to the gym,
work on the PC and play ps4.